Deeper Records
Audio Engineer and Studio Manager for an internationally recognized DJ


During the summer of 2004, Andy attended Roxy nightclub in Manhattan to listen to his favorite DJ, Jonathon Peters. During a chance meeting with an acquaintance working security in the VIP section, he was introduced to Jonathan in person.

Jonathan was having issues with his DJ equipment. Using his expertise and knowledge Andy fixed it on the spot. Impressed with his skill set, Andy was invited to attend the DJ’s studio.

Jonathan had a device to control his studio speaker equalizers wirelessly with an RS232 port. He said he brought in a few professionals to try to connect it, but they were all unsuccessful. Andy began working on it and had it operational the following day. 

This led to a further collaboration with the DJ through Jonathan Peters Enterprises and Deeper Records when Andy became the Audio Engineer and Studio Manager. During his time there he worked on production and remixed prestigious artists such Whitney Houston, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Kelly Glover, Sylver, Bonnie and many more.

His responsibilities included:

• Creative license on developing new music for singers
• Creative license in remixing music for popular singers.
• Producing performance-ready new music for Jonathan Peters to use at live venues
• Building and maintaining the DJ booth, which was featured in ‘Club Systems Magazine’.
• Book clients and make sure all equipment was running for client sessions.

Andy is resourceful and well-connected to various other professionals in the business. Where the need arises, he is able to draw on these connections to support his work. For example, in creating the DJ booth for Mr Peters, Andy drew on his connections in the steel industry, requesting a bespoke and customized metal cases with brackets and shelves to house the equipment and reinvent the DJ booth.