Macotel Telecommunications
Building Effective and Tailor-Made Enterprise Wifi Networks


Andy has applied his skills on a worldwide scale and is not afraid of travel for the right job.

His role with Macotel Telecommunications took him to Cyprus (Greece) to support the building of Enterprise WiFi networks for hotels across the country. His role involved design, planning, and implementation of a WiFi network across the entire hotel. This involved surveying the property for appropriate equipment locations and interpreting the blueprints. His aim was determining the best way to maximize WiFi coverage so that guests and staff in every room, beach, pool area, restaurants, kids centers, amenities, staff room, and even the bathrooms had superior coverage.

Once developing the plan for the hardware and logistics for the placement of the equipment, Andy and the team would create the network. This involved running up to 3 miles of cable in some instances, as well as installing cabinets and switches to support the network.

Using his IT knowledge, he was able to bring this project to life by:

• Programming each access point with its own static IP address
• Creating names for each access point
• Programming antennas and inputting all information from the access points into the Axence network monitoring software. Proactive monitoring of the network means that if any access point has technical issues IT receive notifications and can be deployed to repair.
• Installing Mikrotik and Nomadix routers to allow HTML website sign into the network. Each site was designed by Andy using a room number and last name of the guest or a staff username and password.

During his work for the hotel, his remit spanned beyond simply the WiFi infrastructure. Andy and the team provided Helpdesk support for hotel staff, accounting departments, front desk, management and business centers. They also installed PBX and VoIP telephones systems to allow effective communication both internally and externally. Andy was instrumental in installing, configuring and maintaining the following hardware systems in the hospitality sector:

• Digital Signage Systems
• POS Systems
• Security Cameras
• DVR and Cloud Recording
• PBX Systems (Officeserv and Matra)
• VoIP Systems
• Servers
• Access Points
• Routers
• Firewalls
• Architectural design
• Fiber-Optic soldering
• Cable Structuring
• Access Points
• Long Range Bridges