Grecian Hotels
Complete Refit of Entire IT Infrastructure

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During his collaboration with Macotel Telecommunications, Andy worked with their client, Grecian Hotels. Grecian Hotels consists of 4 international hotels; 3 of which are located in Cyprus and 1 in London. All hotels hold a 5* rating, and expect exceptionally high standards of workmanship and professionalism.

While working with Grecian Hotels, they were in the process of updating their entire I.T system and lacked an I.T Manager to oversee the upgrade. The CEO personally called Andy and offered him the position.

His duties involved a teardown and rebuild of the I.T system for the entire company.

This involved:

• Removing the old servers, firewalls and switches.
• Working to the constraints of a fully functioning hotel; avoiding any down time by working unsocial hours.
• Sourcing and hiring a company with an excellent reputation for network security to handle server installation and configuration.
• Creating a VPN for all 4 hotels.
• Upgrading the system to a new PMS called Fidelio (Oracles Opera).
• Changing the POS to Micros, which was a package deal with Fidelio/Opera.
• Developing the company’s active directory.
• Identifying issues with email system and migrating the company to Microsoft Office 365, resolving the issues in the process.
• Reformatting and renaming every workstation.
• Removing unnecessary software (bloatware) and unnecessary files on workstations.

In order to deliver these necessary upgrades to the hotels, Andy was required to implement a range of IT services. These included:

• Domain Controllers
• File Servers
• 24/7 Remote Support
• Data Server Backups via Hardware and Cloud
• Build Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks For 5 Star Hotels
• Workstation Support and Maintenance
• Fidelio, Opera, Theova PMS Support
• Business Center and Conference Room Support and Maintenance
• Maintain Ticketing System via Freshdesk
• Virtual Private Networks
• Repair Network and Database Issues
• Micros POS System Installation and Support
• Ving Keycard Systems & FOB Chipsetup
• VoIP and Video Conferencing
• Employee Training Classes
• Active Directory
• Security Camera Installation
• Consult on Technological Purchases