ECG Pediatric Clinic
IT Systems Support to Medical Professionals


Dr.Christian Gauderer Head of Staff

While running his iPhone repair business, Andy met Dr. Gauderer, the head of a pediatric clinic in Fort Lee, NJ. He was a frequent customer he would bring his family’s and co-workers iPhones in for repair.

Andy began working for the clinic as their IT manager. The position lasted 12 years before the clinic relocated abroad. His primary aim during his employment was utilizing technology to support doctors to improve their productivity.

While working for the clinic he employed his IT skills to create a network for them, maintained their domain controller, file server and managed system backups. He also collaborated with the clinic staff to develop a database for doctors to process, share and look up data more quickly. By utilizing technology, Andy was able to support the medical team to deliver better treatment to more patients in less time.

During his time at the clinic Andy demonstrated competency working with a variety of IT services including:

• Router utilization to create a local network
• Creating local servers
• Automating system backups
• Establishing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) system on mobile devices
• Creating workstations
• Selecting and implementing a video conferencing platform for the medical team